Diamond Export and Trading is the second generation of an American/Brazilian family owned business, with years of experience in the international market.
Based out of Vitoria in the State of Espirito Santo, Brazil. A state considered the capital of Ornametal Stones in the country.
Here we have over hundreds of natural stone quarries, suppliers and exporters and over a thousand different colors, patterns and classifications of natural Stones, such as granite, marble, soap Stone, limestone, quartzite among others.
Brazil is also enriched with other natural resources and commodities such as minerals, soy, cocoa, wood, corn, coffee and more.
We also have offices in other states and cities strategically located near suppliers and sources.
Not knowing the culture and the market of the country you plan to negotiate, can seriously compromise the business´success.
With Diamond´s support and expertise, we can make your business experience abroad, become more profitable, saffer and delightfull.

Diamond Export and Trading, represents “your” bunsiness abroad.