We provide a high quality service and product

Diamond Export & Trading, provides the necessary tools, materials and support needed to help develop each project and make it a unique piece of art.
We source among hundreds of suppliers in Brazil, searching for the best material considering price, quality and beauty. After approved by our clients, a quality control is done by our qualified team members, assuring our clients receive only the best of natural stones. We have partners in the USA and Mexico to give support to contractors, sub-contractors, developers, architects and designers.
From the source of a mountain top to the final master piece, Diamond Export & Trading is here for you providing a huge variety of natural stones in tiles, slabs and cut to size.

Following through the whole process

Diamond Export & Trading understands the expectation that each client builds when starting a project. We also understand that many professionals are involved in the process. To assure the same consistency and quality from step one till the last, our team members follow the whole process. Visiting quarries, suppliers, inspecting and doing quality control, following the cut to size process, providing support to help you import till it is delivered to your door. We want to help your dream become a reality.

Sourcing and market research

Located in country with one of the world's richest natural resource. It can be confusing to negotiate in Brazil with out knowing the culture, language, market and laws. Diamond Export and Trading is here to make that experience safer and not risky. Diamond Export & Trading represents your business abroad.

International legal assistance

Diamond Export & Trading has qualified attorneys, fluent in English and Portuguese that can represent your company both in Brazil and USA. Our attorneys protect your business and negotiation helping you do business safely. Protect your business with legal assistance.

Quality control- inspection of all natural stones exported

It can be extremely risky and unpleasant making a high investment purchasing natural stones just by looking at an on line picture. That is why, Diamond Export & Trading has a qualified team that goes to the source and does a full quality control, inspecting all natural stones before shipping. We check pattern, oxidation, cracks, fissures, measurements, thickness, color and many other flaws that cannot be detected in pictures. We are here to guarantee that these flaws do not get to you.

Connect importer to exporter

It can be risky and dangerous not knowing who you are doing business with abroad. With our experience, we can help you find the right connections. Diamond Export & Trading does not represent only one or few suppliers. We are willing to work with any supplier nation wide that is able to meet our high quality, commitment, transparency and honesty requirements. We source the best for you!


Discover Brazil´s rich natural resources and commodities

We provide the tools, materials, information and contacts you need to help you develop your business and project in a safe and successful way abroad.
Here we have over hundreds of natural stone quarries, suppliers and exporters and over a thousand different colors, patterns and classifications of natural Stones, such as granite, marble, soap Stone, limestone, quartzite among others.